Shawn "Pepper" Bowen Roussel – Environmental, Food, and Water Attorney
Why I’m passionate about Food Law?

Why I’m passionate about Food Law?

Law is a tool used to protect things we hold most dear. Law is most often used to protect money and possessions. But not much care is given to the things that are the very foundation of life. Food and clean water are the things we need to continue living. Without these there is no life. My passion has grown out of the desire to protect the things that mean the most. We often spend more time thinking about what's in our data plans than what's ...

Food For Thought Education Series

Food For Thought is a Culinaria Center education series consisting of food law and policy related workshops and continuing legal education sessions.

Culinary Activism

As a culinary activist, I advocate for the preservation of our culture through food.

Converting raw products into a meal is how we pass on our cu...
Food Policy
Advocating for more sustainable food system locally, nationa...
Invasive & Under-utilized Species
Educating on the edible nature of invasive and under-utilize...
Urban & Peri-urban Farming
Local growers contribute to our food framework in our own ba...