Board Member

Shawn “Pepper” Bowen has served on both private and public institution boards and facilitated development efforts for local schools and political campaigns. She is currently a Trustee on the Board for CrescentCare; Chair of the New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committeea Steering Committee Member of the Regional Sustainability Committee, and a member of the Paralegal Advisory Board.

Project Manager

Prior to becoming an attorney, Pepper worked in every phase of software development last as a strategic projects manager for a New Orleans healthcare system. Pepper holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Tulane University and an MS in Computer Information Technology with a concentration in eCommerce from Regis University.

Founding Director

Pepper is the Founding Director of Culinaria Center for Food Law, Policy, and Culture. Culinaria is a policy institute currently repositioning itself as a 501(c)(4) non-profit in order to provide direct advocacy assistance to individuals and 501(c)(3) non-profits. Culinaria remains focused on supporting, developing, and promoting substantive strategies to foster a food system beneficial to producers, consumers, and the environment.

Food & Beverage Attorney

Pepper was granted a JD from Loyola University School of Law in New Orleans with certificates in both Environmental and International Laws. She is admitted to the Louisiana State Bar Association. Her writings focus on environmental remediation, consumption of  invasive species for coastal protection, food systems, and environmental impacts on food and justice. Her practice is devoted to the support of food related businesses.

As a speaker, I use humor to make law and it's application accessible for all by integrating story-telling with policy. I encourage the audience to consider the question "why" by incorporating every day life experiences into larger systems' reviews. I present the paths that food travels from farm to fork in an engaging and thought provoking way that ties seemingly unrelated aspects of society.
As a consultant, I advise businesses on legal structures, business organizations, contracts and general operations. I work with entrepreneurs to develop standard operating procedures that help them build their company's brand and value while establishing effective and efficient systems.
As an attorney, I have narrowed my practice to business transactions, intellectual property, and environmental law issues. I support not only for-profit, but also non-profit and for-benefit companies. Every dollar spent with my firm to build your business also supports social justice and environmentally minded causes.

A Pinch of Pepper

My Motivations & Values

Food is a building block of life. Unfortunately, people spend more time choosing their wireless plan than they do considering the origins of their food source and the impacts those choices have on the environment, growers, and the sources themselves. I am driven by the pervasive need for common-sense solutions to global problems. And I believe that together we can make a difference with every meal.

Why I changed career from IT to Legal?

I needed to make the time I spend away from home worthwhile to my children and myself. Unhappy with the imprint I was leaving on this world, I looked around and found that the things I am most passionate about are food and beverages. So the career shift was to marry what I love with what I could do to make the world a better more livable place for all its inhabitants.

Seeking an engaging Speaker, experienced  Consultant or competent Attorney?

All you need is a Pinch of Pepper