Culinaria Center

The Culinaria Center for Food Law, Policy, and Culture is a policy institute focused on supporting, developing, and promoting substantive strategies using agile solutions and practical approaches to foster a food system beneficial to producers, consumers, and the environment. Through legal research and policy analysis, Culinaria Center reviews and addresses a wide range of local, national, and global food policy topics and issues and seeks solutions in support of a food system that is integral to improved health outcomes, sustainable environmental goals, and real community development.


Environmental Law & Policy

The people often most impacted by environmental law and policy are generally excluded from systems of power and decision-making. Stakeholders who have the capacity to make the decisions are removed from the consequences and ramifications of their decisions. Non-profits (i.e. 501c3s) often feel as if they can’t implement their advocacy platforms without jeopardizing their tax status.

Culinaria Center is a member-based advocacy group that seeks to change that narrative.


We promote policies and craft legislation with communities for in Louisiana.


Culinaria sees the importance of empowering Louisiana communities with the same tools that have been used to craft their disempowerment. Culinaria envisions building power within communities most impacted by environmental injustice.

Value Proposition

Culinaria fills the critical space between advocacy and implementation by writing legislation, furthering relationships with law makers, and creating best opportunity for long standing social change with the force of law.

A Pinch of Pepper


Culinaria will do this by educating community members on issues that affect them and their families using accessible language and engaging them in the design process of policy.  Through a series of convenings, the community members, grassroots organizations, and advocates will define a policy solution that they feel will work for their community, families, and children. Then Culinaria writes the policy and/or legislation thereby filling the gap between existing non-profits and lawmakers to actually affect sustainable change from within.

Water Project

Culinaria Center is collaborating with public health scientists to establish whether there are linkages between lead and heavy metals in the soil and drinking water resources. This flagship project will use existing and newly collected samples to identify contamination status and its impacts both independently and on the food system. Improved knowledge and understanding is the foundation community members, farmers, gardeners, and policymakers will stand on to craft enduring solutions and right environmental injustices.

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